Some organisations in West Bengal which are associated with the set-up and progress of self employed business are listed below. For more information click on the corresponding organisation :

Forms for Finance Assistance under PMRY for Educated Unemployed Youth

Affidavit for PMRY Application


BSKP Programme

Forms for Bengal Swanirbhar Karmasanasthan Prakalpa (Atmamaryada)

Forms for Bengal Swanirbhar Karmasanasthan Prakalpa (Atmasamman)


Central Staff Training & Research Institute, Kolkata.


Established in the year 1968 by Government of India in collaboration with the Federal Republic of Germany.


The institute conducts Training Programme and undertake Research and Development in the field of Vocational Training.


Providing training to the junior and senior management personnel of the Training Departments of the Industrial Establishments, Industrial Training Institutes, Advanced Training Institutes, and of Central and State Governments, engaged in planning, execution control and evaluation of the industrial training programme throughout the country.

Institute has trained 12047 personnel up to the end of September 2000.

Institute is organising training courses in the areas of Training Methods and Techniques; Communication and Interpersonal skills; Leadership and Motivation; Designing of training Curriculum; Total Quality Management; Management Development Programmes; Organising and Managing Training Institutes; Training Media and Methodology; etc.

For development of Management skill for those who desire to start their own Industry, the Institute has also started training programme in collaboration with other Government organisations e.g. SISI; Department of Small Scale Industry, Government of West Bengal, etc.


Developing and disseminating instructional materials, Projected and Non-projected training aids for effective execution of the Industrial Training.

The Development Wing has prepared 86 books and 52 prototype models, besides developing 65 drawing models, 214 transparencies and other instructional aids.

The Development Wing is also developing/preparing Models identified by Central instructional Media Institute (CIMI), Chennai for integration of the same in CIMI's Instructional Media packages.

Preparation of Written Instructional Material (WIMs) for various trades under the Craft Instructors Training Programme is under progress. The WIMs of Fitter trade have already been developed and is in the process of printing.


Conducting problem-oriented research studies on different aspects of the Vocational Training to bring qualitative improvement in training and for effective implementation of NVTS.

The Institute has so far (till September 2000) completed 145 projects in various aspects of vocational training.

Institute is preparing feasibility study to start new Training areas i.e. "Danger Building worker", "Training requirement of Physically handicapped" etc.