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05/07/2021 I-4(f)/DR-2/119 Power Backup System
09/09/2021 Lifting of Pipes and strainer of old defunct MAD/ULB/BHATPARA/DR-2/333 Dated-07/09/2021
09/10/2021 S-43/PWD(Bldg)/DR-2/473 Bamboo with Salbulla Railing for Chat Puja under W
09/10/2021 S-43/PWD(Bldg)/DR-2/474 Bamboo with Salbulla Railing for Chat Puja under W
09/10/2021 S-43/PWD(Bldg)/DR-2/475 Bamboo with Salbulla Railling for Chat Puja under
09/10/2021 S-43/PWD(Bldg)/DR-2/477 Renovation of Statue of Honarable Ex-Prime Ministe
09/10/2021 S-43/PWD(Bldg)/DR-2/500 Supply , Fixing of Black powder Coated Three Seate
31/10/2021 MAD/ULB/BHATPARA/DR-2/425 Supplying of Laptop & Desktop Computers for Office
27/11/2021 M-10/WW/DR-2/816 dated:-26-11-2021 Construction of single bin, double bin & IEC & bit
02/12/2021 Supplying for Desktop and Laptop Computer 2nd Call
02/12/2021 Tender Notice I-28/DR-2/834 Dated-29.11.2021
02/12/2021 Quotation Notice I-28/DR-2/833 Dated 29/11/2021
07/12/2021 Electrification of Nandalalsoor Park health centre Electrification of Nandalalsoor Park health centre
09/12/2021 L-12/DR-2/850 Dated 03/12/2021 For Granting License for maintaining (01) "Canteen
23/12/2021 I-4(C)/DR-2/1054 ,Dated:- 22/12/2021 Supply of 20 pcs of Rim(7.50-16)
23/12/2021 I-4(C)/DR-2/1053 ,Dated:- 22/12/2021 Repairing of 20nos TOTO
24/12/2021 I-4(F)/DR-2/1113, Dated-24.12.2021 Electrification of Conservancy School at Ward No 1
28/01/2022 Estimate for renovation of the N.S.A.P DEPARTMENT
31/01/2022 S-43/PWD(BLDG)/DR-2/1371 Dated-31-01-2022 some Date changes in the page 1
22/04/2022 M-10/DR-2/89 Dated-22/04/2022 Supplying of Plastic Chair No arms 200 pcs , model
27/04/2022 A-18/DR-2/90 Dated:-26.04.2022
27/04/2022 A-18/DR-2/90 Dated:-26.04.2022 Preparation of Annual Accounts for the Financial y
07/05/2022 L-12/DR-2/133 Dated-06/05/2022 "Pay &Use" Type Community Latrine and collecting c
26/05/2022 MEMO NO- E-7/DR-2/153, DATED-18/05/2022 Sealed tenders are invited by the Exec
26/05/2022 MEMO NO- E-7/DR-2/154, DATED-18/05/2022 Sealed tenders are invited by the Executive Office
28/05/2022 Memo - I -4(F)/DR-2/179 ,Dated- 23/05/2022 Cable Laying & Allied Electric Work
28/05/2022 Memo-I-4(F)/DR-2/178, Dated-23.05.2022 supply of Etectrical material for maintaining Stre
28/05/2022 Memo- I-4(F)/DR-2/177, Dated-23.05.2022 Repair of verious LED street light for illuminate
07/06/2022 Memo-I-4(F)/DR-2/224 , Dated-07.06.2022 Supply and Fixing 100 Watt LED Flood light at Ward
13/06/2022 M-10/DR-2/227, dated-08/06/2022 Handicapped Single hand drive tricycle 10 nos & wh
16/06/2022 Memo-M-10/DR-2/300, Dated- 15/06/2022 The last date of cloasing and opening of the Quota
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