A license-Inspector is there as the departmental in-charge. Enlistment certificates are being issued. Other tasks include issue of license to rickshaw pullers, van pullers, advertisers and others. The entire task is periodically supervised by the Executive Officer. Municipality has successfully introduced Trade License module of Municipal e-Gobvernance system at this department. The Trade License Department provides the following services –

  1. Issue of New OR Renew existing enlistment certificate as per rule depicted under section 118 & 201 of The West Bengal Municipal Act, 1993.
  2. Collect of Advertisement Tax from Ad agencies, Stakeholders, & Vendors.
  3. Inspect & monitor most of the businessman, merchandise, vendors who are carring out their business or trade under Barrackpore Municipal jurisdiction on regular basis so that municipality generates its own source revenue right in time.

The organisational structure of Trade License Department is showing below -