Mathura Beel
A 7.40 Km long stretches of wetland spreads over the district North 24 parganas and Nadia is popularly known as 'Mathura Beel. It is mainly located on the eastern side of Barrackpore-Kalyani Expressway and lies between the latitude 88.4" N and longitude 22.6" E. The Mathura Beel and its adjoining cannels comes about 659.26 acres which is under possession of the Director Of Fisheries, West Bengal since 31.5.60. Department of Fisheries, West Bengal has leased out the land to the Kanchrapara Refugee Fisheries Co­ Operative Society Limited on 05.02.87 of which the Sub-divisional officer Barrackpore, North 24 parganas is the Chairman.

In the transient phase of evolution it was bestowed with rich resources of flood plain wetland, having several connections with the river Ganga and Jamuna. The channels, which brings and drains most of the inflow and outflow of the beel and acts a spillway for providing water to the Mathura Beel resulting in pronounced oscillation in the wetland.

Dakshineswar Temple

Date of establishment – 31.05.1855. The temple was constructed by Rani Rashmoni.

Ramprasad Vita, Halisahar.

Birthplace of Sadhak Ramprsad who is famous for his Shyama sangeet.

Mohotsavtala Ghat, Panihati

Sri Chaitanya halted at Panihati Mohotsavtala Ghat twice, once in A.D. 1515 on his way to Puri and another time when going to Vrindaban from Puri via Gaud.

Clive House of Dum Dum.

No authentic recount of the origin of the building is Known. But it is one of the oldest existing buildings of the Bengal. Lord Clive used the building as his country house.

Das Gadadhar Path Bari, Ariadaha.

Das Gadadhar, close associate of Mahaprabhu Sri Chaitanya came here with Nityananda Prabhu.

Gobinda Home, Panihati.

This building was known as Chhatubabu’s Garden. Rabindranath in his boyhood came here to avoid dengu fever. He also visited the place several times.

Occasion Time Place
Rathayatra July Kanchrapara
Charak April Kanchrapara
Barodin 25 December Kanchrapara (Imanuel Charch)
Rathyatra July Naihati
Rathayatra November Naihati (Muktapur)
Rathayatra July Naihati (Kathalpara)
Annakut 26 June Halisahar (Ramaprosad Vita)
Sri Chitanya Agaman February - March Halisahar (Birth Place of Iswar Puri)
Rashpurnima November Bhatpara
Pancham Dol February - March Bhatpara
Saptam Dol February - March Jagaddal (Madral)
JoyChandi March – April Jagaddal (NarayanPur)
Kalipuja December - January Shyamnagar (Mulajore)
Baisakhi Sankranti May Garh Shyamnagar
Rathayatra July Aatpur
Jhulan August Ichhapur (Nabab Gunje)
Rathayatra November Khardah
Phuldol April - May Khardah
Maghi Purnima January - February Khardah
Gopastami November - December Sodepur
Danda Mohastsab May - June Panihati
Sri Chitanya Agaman October - November Panihati
Maharam Panihati
Tarapirer Darga January - February Agarpara (Tarapirer Darga)
Annada Thakurer Janmotsab October - November Ariadah
Addya Puja January - February Ariadah
Bindhyabasini Puja January - February Ariadah
Dash Gadadhares Mahotsab or Gotastami October - November Ariadah
Kalpataru 1st January Dakshineswar
Ganga Snan April - May Titagarh

  1. Kanchrapara Railway Institute, Kanchrapara.
  2. Premchand Shatabarshiki Bhavan, Bhatpara.
  3. Ordnance Factory Training Institute, Ichapur.
  4. Ordnance Factory Administrative Training Institute, Ichapur.
  5. Sukanta Sadan, Barrackpore.
  6. Barrackpore Municipal Hall.
  7. Titagarh Town Hall.
  8. Loksanskriti Bhavan, Panihati.
  9. Kamarhati Municipal Town Hall.
  10. Baranagar Municipal Town Hall.
  11. Dum Dum Town Hall.
  12. Sukanta Manch, Nalta, New Barrackpore Railway Station.
  13. Garulia Municipal Hall.
  14. Tarun Sengupta Memorial Hall, Birati.
  15. Conference Hall of ICAR, Nilganj.
  16. Central Inland Research Institute, Barrackpore.
  17. Nazrul Mancha, Kamarhati.